The Lamar Project began the day after the death of Lamar Herring.

The project comes from so many attempts to protect Lamar from the dangers friends could see, that she couldn’t. She was blind to the threat, and instead thought nothing bad would ever happen to her. She was the open and loving person who could make a difference. Lamar was raised by her parents to be kind, thoughtful, committed, strong and independent, all great qualities in children and adults. What went wrong? While those qualities are admirable and desirable, you must also be cautious, realistic, aware, and have friends who will get involved. This is important because friends always know more and can see more clearly than the person involved.

We are reaching out to University campuses throughout the southeast. Because many of Lamar’s friends are currently college students we can reach them quickly. We will hold speaking engagements, write a book and have coaching sessions to reach these young women. We will teach girls to see the danger signs in the relationships of their friends and sisters. Then we will teach them how to recognize problems of their own.

After establishing a presence with the college students, we hope to work backward and reach high school students, then middle school students and the parents of each group. We want to reach across class, gender, race and background. Though we all deserve a chance to survive our childhood with some innocence intact, young girls are the most vulnerable and are therefore the focus of the project.

Through Facebook (and eventually MySpace), we will establish a network of youth that are ready, willing and able to Stand Up, Talk, Listen and Participate! In fact, this is already happening as a girl, Jane, recently called one of her friends. Jane talked about the dangers her friend faced dating the person she was dating. When speaking to her friend about the potential problem, her friend simply responded, “He is just misunderstood.” This is often the mistake young girls make. Dating someone they see as needing them, someone to help, someone who will appreicated him. This can be dangerous. The girl wants to believe the best of the person she has committed herself to, but is that person worth the price?

The change here, Jane stood up and took action.

Recognize the Power of the Truth